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Standard pull cords can support the growth of dangerous bacteria and are difficult to clean.

The HYGiCORD has a non PVC polymer

coating with built-in Biomaster Antimicrobial

Technology which has been proven in independent tests to inhibit growth of bacteria.

Biomaster will last the lifetime of the pull cord providing safe, permanent antibacterial protection.


For more indepth information please refer to our Website at www.HygIcord.co.uk

 25m rolls @ £31.50 (roll diameter 9cm/3.5”). 

Quote for 100 meter roll also available on request

From as little as £1.26 per metre.  Includes P & P


Colours available:- Pure White, Emergency Red, Nurse Call Orange 

For more information or sample please call

Lyndhurst Medical on 0800 954 8801 or Email to info@lyndhurstmedical.co.uk.

HYGiCORD with Biomaster is a new exclusive brand to Lyndhurst Medical

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See the HygiCord Website for more information