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Skin Staplers & Removers

Skin Staplers

Price: £10.50 inc P&P

Product No: LYN064

  • Suitable for Skin Closure in the following Procedures
  1. Veterinary Procedures – General surgery
  2. Heart and Breast surgery
  3. Plastic surgery – Burn surgery
  4. Neurosurgery – Field Rescue
  5. Gynaecology & Obstetric
  6. Plus many other Emergency treatments
  • Simple and reasonable design
  • Easy to operate, no special training needed.
  • High sew and stapling speed help to shorten the time of the procedure and reduces the postoperative bleeding and infection.
  • Smaller tissue reaction, much thinner scar, the wound therefore cures faster.
  • 35W High Quality 316L Stainless Steel Staples.
  • A good aid for suturing every kind of clinical wound.
  • Aids speed of closure, avoids potential cross infection of contagious diseases.
  • The Remover allows a quick, easy and painless method of removing staples after the procedure which allows the incision to heal quicker.

NB. Expiry Date 09-2011  

Packaging Slightly Damaged 

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Our product has obtained and passed the ‘Warrant of State Drug Administration’



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